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Everyday Essential Oils

Dan O’Neal moved to Richmond from his home town of Baltimore in 1989. It was an important move in his life, placing him on a path of Healing … spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. He trained in Reiki and Healing Touch and travelled after work in the evenings for a year and a half to study Massage Therapy at The Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville in the mid 90’s. He learned about the use of therapeutic grade Essential Oils early in 2011 and has incorporated them into his life and healing practice ever since with a deep passion.

Dan will share his knowledge of the use of about ten or more therapeutic grade essential oils in everyday life for Mind, Body, and Spirit (including emotions). Learn about the history of essential oils, what is an  Essential Oil, some first aid using certain Essential Oils, and how to use oils with our pets. Discover the benefits of replacing household cleaners and personal care items with Essential Oils. Dan will also share some of his oils with you for a personal experience of their effects.

For more information about in-house education and sharing for small groups, contact Dan at 804-690-6303.



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RMBS June Gathering

The line-up is exciting for the Richmond MindBodySpirit June Gathering. We start the event off with an experiential talk by Jenny Barone, Tai Chi/Qigong Teacher. She’ll show us easy ways to move energy wherever we are to create an environment that enhances our lives. We’ve got Herbalistic Soaps and Young Living Essential Oils, a Luna Tarot reader, an Angel card reader, Quantum-Touch Healers, an Intuitive. and a Medium. And we top off the day with on-going conversations in the Karma Cafe.

Join us for an  amazing gathering.



Celebrating Mothers with Sandy Ward

Our May program will feature a talk by Sandy Ward, Certified Spiritual Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. Sandy Ward will share her amazing story about growing up with the gift to see and talk with spirits. She will discuss the challenges and benefits of receiving  messages from the other side and what it means to be a New Energy Medium versus a psychic. Sandy believes we all have varying degrees of ability to see and speak with spirits and that by sharing her story, you will know the positive energy of accepting your gift.

In the spirit of Celebrating Mother’s Day, Sandy will focus on messages from Mothers. For more information about Sandy, go to: http://www.newenergymedium.com