The Richmond MindBodySpirit Community is blossoming!

Change is inevitable and resistance is futile! So, embrace the change just as you embrace the seasons.Professional Psychic, Astrologer and Success Coach, Jamie Dawn, gave us some great tips on doing just that at the March Gathering of the Richmond MindBodySpirit community. It was standing room only as folks played “musical chairs,” expressed their feelingIMG_4580s about change, and made plans for the upcoming shifts.

Our readers, healers, practitioners, and vendors were up next before we broke into private sessions and a shopping spree.

Our co-founder, Robyn Smith, had the crowd rolling in the aisles as always before she got down to business doing readings. Carole Louie announced the release date for her new book, Conversations with a Hungry Ghost: Memoir of a Reluctant Medium. (It’s available to pre-order from Amazon.)

Robyn_3-11-17 Carole_3-11-17

April’s Gathering will feature Kerstin Overath – our resident Crystal Skull Oracle – as our speaker and a great line-up of vendors, readers, healers, and practitioners. Be sure to check out the Richmond MindBodySpirit Facebook and Meetup pages for more details.

We are grateful for the new flowers that are growing in our garden and invite the sun to shine upon us with love and light.


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